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Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to upgrade your website as a creator or entrepreneur, The Kadence Lab is your go-to solution. Let’s DIY Your Launch Like a Pro!

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Take Charge of Your Website and Bring Your Idea to Life

Your website can be more than just an idea. You can confidently manage and expertly design your online presence, whether for your business or blog. Imagine the freedom and pride of a website that truly represents you and your brand—without breaking the bank.

Guess what? I’ve been where you are now. I’ve grappled with WordPress, design challenges, and tech overwhelm. That’s why I created The Kadence Lab—to share the knowledge, tools, and confidence you need to succeed. Let’s make your dream website a reality, together.

Ready to create your dream website?

Get ready to launch with Wordpress + Kadence

if you’ve ever

  • Struggled with WordPress’s complexity, leading you to opt for simpler platforms?
  • Battled with your website’s design and performance
  • Frustrated by generic themes that never quite fit your unique business or niche?
  • Heard of Kadence but don’t know how to use it?

The Kadence Lab

Prepare to dive headfirst into the world of Wordpress and discover the magic of Kadence! The Kadence Lab is your ticket to making your website design feel like a walk in the park (minus the squirrel chases).

Join the Kadence Lab Course and Learn How to DIY Your Website using WordPress and Mastering Kadence Theme and Blocks
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Here’s the full scoop of what you’ll learn
inside The Kadence Lab

The Setup

Your Website Blueprint

We’ll lay the groundwork for your dream website. You’ll learn how to define clear website goals, create a solid structure, and establish your unique brand identity. We’ll cover all the legal essentials, guide you through preparing crucial elements like copy and images, and set you up for a fantastic online journey.

The Base

WordPress Demystified

We dive headfirst into the world of WordPress. You’ll master the basics as we guide you through installing WordPress, setting up the Kadence theme, and adding essential plugins. Learn how to create menus, optimize your site, and avoid common pitfalls. We’ll go over the difference between pages and posts, categories and tags, introduce you to the Gutenberg editor, and even help you set up your online shop with WooCommerce.

The Style

Design Your Online Identity

Dive into the creative process as we explore the magic of Kadence. Learn how to customize Kadence theme elements like colors, fonts, logos, headers, and footers to perfectly match your brand. Our comprehensive tutorials will transform you into a Kadence Blocks pro, empowering you to design beautiful web pages effortlessly. By the end, you’ll craft a website and a stunning blog. We’ll also clarify when it’s time to consider a Kadence Pro subscription.

The Routine

Website Care & Feeding

This is all about keeping your website in tip-top shape. Learn about regular updates and essential maintenance tasks to ensure your site runs smoothly. We’ll delve into analytics and tracking to help you make data-driven decisions. Discover best practices for security and backups. Plus, we’ll share pro tips for monitoring website performance and making improvements along the way.

After three years on Squarespace, I transitioned to Kadence Blocks. I found that Inkspire blocks were a game changer in helping me save time when it comes to creating content.  Francesca’s knowledge and patience to teach why Kadence is a useful tool to manage your site has been so helpful.

How does this sound?

Imagine if you could

Rock your website with the confidence of a seasoned pro, making your brand shine and drawing in your dream audience.

Say goodbye to content chaos as you effortlessly create a cohesive, compelling online presence. Never stress about putting together another blog post!

Launch your product or service looking like a pro without breaking the bank. And connect with your audience from day one.

Seamlessly integrate your new website into your business strategy and achieve maximum conversions. Your website should work for you!

How It Works

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We’re kicking off this adventure on January 5, 2024, and every week, new modules and lessons will drop like hotcakes.

LEt’s Do This, Together

This isn’t a solo mission! I’ll be by your side offering feedback and support throughout each module. We’re in this website-building party together!

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Learn Kadence theme and Kadence Blocks

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Who Is This For

Is The Kadence Lab For Me?

Your website can be more than just an idea. You can confidently manage and expertly design your online presence, whether for your business or blog. Imagine the freedom and pride of a website that truly represents you and your brand—without breaking the bank.

This is NOT For You If You’re
  • More of a “set it and forget it” type when it comes to websites and don’t think they add value to your business.
  • Hoping for a magic wand to create your site overnight. Kadence is such a wonderful tool, but it still has a learning curve.
  • Looking for a web genie to build it for you (then check out my custom website service).
This is right For You If You’re
  • Ready to confidently manage and design your website, whether from scratch or by enhancing your existing site.
  • Excited to invest in your online game and DIY your way to the website of your dreams while climbing those search engine rankings.
  • Thrilled about learning and growing alongside a friendly community of fellow creators.

Don’t Forget the Bonuses

Free Kadence Block Collection and Branding Boards with The Kadence Lab Course
Brand Kits and Starter Block Collection
Get a FREE Notion Website Planner Template with The Kadence Lab Course
Notion Website Planner Template
Free Blogging Guides inside The Kadence Lab Membership
Ebook Guides

Bookworm, Yoga Enthusiast, Planner Addict

Hi, I’m Francesca! Reformed Perfectionist + Your Kadence Navigator

Well, grab your virtual seatbelt because we’re about to demystify WordPress and explore the magic of Kadence together! From the nostalgic dial-up days crafting my first website dedicated to Dawson’s Creek fandom (I know, I’m a digital dinosaur!) to falling head over heels for web design, blogging and online communities, I’ve been there and back again.

I’m here to make your online journey just as exhilarating as a highly anticipated book release (and believe me, I know a thing or two about those). Let me help you streamline your online business with mindful productivity and effortless design.

This course is one of a kind because

Step by Step Guidance

The Kadence Lab provides you with a complete set of tutorials that walk you through the entire process of building a website using WordPress and Kadence. No more searching through endless YouTube tutorials or spending hours figuring things out on your own. With our step-by-step guidance, you’ll have full control over your site’s setup and design.

Live Support

When you enroll in our course, you won’t be left to navigate the journey alone. Starting from our course launch on January 5, 2024, new modules and lessons will be added weekly. You’ll have assignments to complete, and I’ll be there to provide live support, answer your questions, and offer feedback as you work through the course material.

Study at Your
Own Pace

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Get Feedback
Before Launching

Grow Your
Support Network

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best value!

Black Friday Sale

ends December 1, 2023

One Payment

$197 $97

You Asked, We Answered

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to revamp your existing site, this course will guide you through mastering Kadence to redesign your website and enhance your content.

WordPress offers the ideal platform for launching a business that ranks on Google, providing you control and ownership of your content without hefty monthly fees. Kadence, on the other hand, is designed for speed and performance. It’s a free lightweight theme, and the free Kadence Blocks plugin empowers you to customize your site design for free without slowing down your website with bulky page builders.

If you don’t already have a website, you should budget for a domain (approximately $10-$20/year) and hosting for your site (starting at about $3-$5/month).

No prior technical experience is necessary. This course is designed for beginners and will walk you through each step in a beginner-friendly manner.

You will have lifetime access to the course materials, allowing you to revisit and review them at any time, even after completing the course.

You’ll gain access to the Inkspire Collective community platform, accessible via the web or by downloading the Heartbeat app. This will provide you with access to all course modules, trainings, the community, and feedback support.

No worries! You can take the course at your own pace. Even if you miss a lesson, our support is always available. You can ask questions and get feedback whenever you’re ready to complete the lessons.

We want you to be satisfied. You can cancel for a full refund anytime before the second drop of content in the course. Just send us an email at hello@goinkspire.com requesting to cancel by January 11, 2024, from the email you used for the course purchase.

If you encounter any technical difficulties, our support team is here to assist you. Just reach out to us at hello@goinkspire.com, and we’ll get you back on track.

Feel free to send all your questions our way at hello@goinkspire.com. We’re here to help!

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