Course Launch Digital Planner

Unleash the power of your course launch with our Course Launch Planner. Navigate your journey to success with precision, stay organized, and watch your course thrive. Your roadmap to a successful launch starts here!

Immediate access to download instructions from your Orders page under My Account. You’ll be able to access your templates and save on your computer or duplicate into your accounts (Notion or Canva)

For Notion and Canva templates, you simply need a Notion or Canva account to duplicate into. Everything is designed for Free accounts. No need to upgrade to pro.

Once you duplicate your product into your account, you’ll be able to make your own changes to the template and make it your own.


Unlock effortless organization

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Master Your Course Launch with Confidence

You’ve created a remarkable course, and now it’s time to share it with the world. The Course Launch Digital Planner is your comprehensive roadmap, guiding you through every twist and turn of your course launch journey. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or launching your first course, this planner equips you to take your course to new heights.

Creating a course is only half the battle. The real challenge lies in successfully launching it


  • How do I attract the right audience?
  • When and how do I reveal my course to the world?
  • What’s the best way to nurture leads and build excitement?
  • How do I maintain momentum and manage the launch logistics?

Your Solution: The Course Launch Digital Planner


πŸš€ Strategic Planning: Map out your entire launch strategy, from lead magnets to launch week challenges.
πŸ—“οΈ Daily Guidance: Plan each day of your launch with precision, ensuring no opportunity is missed.
πŸ“± Digital or Print: Choose your preferred platform for planning and gain control over your course launch.

A 360-Degree Launch Planner:Β This isn’t just a planner; it’s your launch companion.


Here’s what you’ll find inside:

🧲 Lead Magnet Strategy: Attract the right audience with a compelling lead magnet.
πŸ“† Launch Week Schedule: Plan each day of your launch, from teasers to grand reveals.
πŸ“’ Social Media Strategy: Know exactly when and how to talk about your product or lead magnet.
πŸ’Œ Email Nurture Sequence: Master the art of email marketing to engage and retain your audience.
πŸ“‹ Debriefing and FAQs: Reflect on your launch and address common questions.

Launch with Confidence

Please Note:
This is a digital product. No physical items will be shipped. As digital products are non-refundable and non-exchangeable, we’re here to work closely with you, ensuring your course launch is a resounding success.

The change in my organization strategy starts today!

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