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Author Blocks

Transform your author website effortlessly with our Author Block Collection. Tailored for writers, these Kadence WordPress Blocks simplify content creation, maintain consistency, and connect with your readers like never before. Never stress about updating your website with your latest book information and news.


Key Benefits
  • Niche-Specific Blocks: Access blocks designed specifically for your niche. No more trying to repurpose generic blocks or blocks designed for someone else!
  • Customization Options: All blocks will immediately adopt your website’s colors and fonts, but you have full control of colors, font sizes, font family, backgrounds, images, etc. Make them feel your own.
  • Block Consistency: Maintain a cohesive design across all posts. You can either use the blocks as is and edit just the content on each post, or after making the blocks your own, save them as a reusable pattern!
  • User-Friendly: No coding or design skills required. Once you are familiar with using Kadence and/or Kadence Blocks, it’ll be a breeze to make these feel your own.

designed with Authors in Mind

Don’t be Intimidated:
DIY Your Author Website with Ease

Are you an author or an author’s right hand, constantly juggling the tasks of maintaining an author website, updating book information, and ensuring your readers can easily find your latest work? After years spent in the book community I understand the challenges of wanting to showcase your latest work without being bogged down by the complexities of web design. That’s why I created the Author Block Collection – to be your trusted partner in simplifying the process of managing your author website.

With these Kadence WordPress Blocks, you don’t need to be a tech guru to DIY your author site. Whether you’re the wordsmith behind the books or the assistant dedicated to supporting your favorite author, this collection is designed to cater to your needs.

Adding a new book? Keeping the series reading order up-to-date? Listing all the buy links across various retailers? These tasks used to be daunting, but not anymore. Our blocks offer intuitive ways to display book information, series details, and even create captivating book showcases. Updating your author bio and seamlessly integrating newsletter sign-ups is a breeze. Plus, these blocks can be used on both your website pages and blog posts, ensuring your literary home is always reader-friendly.

No more intimidation. No more wrestling with website tools. The Author Block Collection is here to empower you to effortlessly DIY your author website, so you can focus on what you do best – crafting stories that captivate your readers. Take control of your online presence and let your words shine.


Easily list your book information with all needed buy links, making it simple for readers to dive into your stories.

Time Saving

Save time by effortlessly creating blog posts, author profiles, book showcases, series reading orders and more.


Seamlessly incorporate elements guiding readers to explore your work and connect with you.

Watch the Author Blocks in Action

Your license will give you access to installing this block collection on one website. You can manage your license use from your orders.

You will need to use/install the Kadence Blocks plugin. No need for the pro version. All blocks use the free blocks. You don’t need to use the Kadence theme on your website in order to use the blocks, although I always recommend the theme to everyone.

You can certainly make changes to the blocks. In order to save that for future use, you’ll have to save the block as a pattern/reusable block within the Wordpress Gutenberg editor.

Once you install the Kadence Blocks plugin, you’ll go into any post/page and you’ll see a button at the top that says Design Library. You can always add and use the block collections you purchase from there.

Elevate Your Author Brand with
the Author Block Collection